Dairy Queen Ride


Not a ride for the lactose intolerant!!!

August 3, 2014


I’d been watching the weather for a couple days and it did NOT look promising. But, as so often happens in Wisconsin, when the day of the ride arrived we were down to a 30% chance of rain in the afternoon.  When we met at the dealership the skies were clear and it was warming nicely.  At Kick Stands Up we had 9 bikes with 9 people, plus our mascot Rylee.

  Our first stop was the Dairy Queen in Bloomer.  I know, not very exciting but I always like to have the first stop not too far away, in order to off-load any morning coffee, if you get my drift.  As we got onto Main Street we realized it was the day of Bloomers big parade and folks were putting out their lawn chairs in anticipation.  We waved to some, as we made our way through town but I’m not sure they were amused.  At any rate, when we got to the Dairy Queen, they were not yet open. Everyone agreed that we’d push on and adjust our stops accordingly.  We had a nice ride down Hwy 40 and made all the correct turns to put us on Hwy 25 south, in Menomonie.  As we got parked and de-saddled at the Dairy Queen there, who should we see coming across the parking lot but our fellow HOGster Rich Wolf. He had just left church and saw us coming through town so had to stop and chat a bit. A very nice surprise.

  Most of us decided to have a bite to eat…along with our ice cream.  In fact, some of us had our ice cream first THEN had something to eat. Hey, we’re adults, we can do that.  We also raided their cake cooler for a cake with a HOG on the top. I’m sure they made it just for us but no one would pony up the cash to buy it so we put it back.  Back on the road, southbound on Hwy 25, through Durand, where we opted to pass the DQ by, on our way to Nelson.  When we got there, the place was jumpin’, as it usually is on Sundays during the summer but they push folks through pretty quickly and we didn’t have to wait very long at all.  GOOD ice cream at the Nelson Dairy.  Chuck, Dennis, Brian and Bill were looking over the wine selection pretty carefully but they didn’t have anything in a box so no purchases were made.  We grabbed a passer-by to take a group picture for us and were on our way again.

   From Nelson we took Hwy 35 north along the shore of Lake Pepin, a favorite ride of both Kathy and Leah. Of course, Sharon and Karen weren’t complaining either.  We found our way to Hwy 63 and followed that north. It was difficult but we passed another Dairy Queen in Ellsworth and agreed to stop in Baldwin for one more dessert.  Rylee even got a taste this time and she was more than excited.  I’m pretty sure I heard her say something like “It’s about time”.

   Brian and Leah peeled off on the freeway at Baldwin while the rest of us continued on toward Turtle Lake.  The sky was starting to get a little dark in places and the temps dropped quickly.  We made a quick stop to don jackets and shortly after that we started getting a few sprinkles. Another quick stop was made and some of us put on the rest of our rain gear.  A few more sprinkles but nothing serious came of it.

  In Turtle Lake, Chuck, Sharon, Dennis and Karen peeled off north while Bill, Kathy and I continued on Hwy 8 for home.

 All in all it was a very enjoyable day spent riding with a bunch of friends and eating ice cream. How do you beat that?   Thanks to everyone who shared the day and thanks for being such a great group of friends.


Total Miles - 298 for us…more or less for the others.

More pictures in the Photo Gallery section of the website.