St. Croix River Run

June 1, 2013


If you weren’t there, you missed a good one.

The weather forecast wasn’t too encouraging but 20 intrepid H.O.G. members showed their determination to ride.  20 people on 16 bikes with a 65% chance of rain and/or thunderstorms. Pretty impressive.

After the pre-ride briefing, our Road Captain, Cliff Anderson led us on our journey across Hwy 48 to Cumberland where we headed north on the backroads, through some beautiful northern Wisconsin scenery. It was a nice, relaxed pace and the group of seasoned riders all seemed to be enjoying the morning. Yes, it was overcast and we could see rain falling off to our left but Cliff did a marvelous job of skirting the showers. He claims to have planned it that way but…well…you know Cliff.

Our first stop was at West Point Resort on Big McKenzie Lake where we grabbed a pop and made use of the facilities. The folks there were friendly enough and we had the place to ourselves, for the most part. After stretching our legs we saddled back up and continued the trek.

The second leg took us along 26 Lake Road where the twisties and turnies kept us in single file for quite a few miles.  More beautiful country and more dry roads…mostly. We did encounter some wet pavement but continued to remain dry, otherwise.  After a quick stop for gas in Danbury we continued on to Crex Meadows for a visit at the Crex Meadows Nature Center. It’s a very nice facility with displays of the local flora and fauna and a history of the area. 

On leaving the nature center we could see we were heading into some heavier weather with not many options. We started experiencing a few drops and our clairvoyant leader pulled into a parking lot for anyone who wanted to don their rain gear. Most did and once back on the road, within a mile, the few who didn’t were questioning their decisions. Yup, we got wet within 15 miles of our lunch destination.

We made an obligatory stop at Lion’s Park on the St. Croix River…since the ride was named that, Cliff thought we ought to at least stop.  We laughed at another group of bikers who were hiding in the pavilion.  A couple of them even had their bikes under there.  Wimps!!  Chuck decided to put his rain suit on over his wet clothes and he was accused of trying to keep the rain IN.  What a guy.

It was a short ride through St. Croix Falls to Loggers Bar and Grill off Hwy 8. Our leader had made arrangements with the bar and they had a room all set up, just for us. We doffed our wet duds and sat down to a very nice late lunch. Service and food were both excellent, by all accounts.  Since we cover such a wide area of membership we said our good-byes in St. Croix Falls and left in small groups for the ride home.

All in all it was an excellent day of riding and camaraderie. It was very nice having a short synopsis on the Chapter Website Calendar so we had an idea what to expect. The ride was well planned and well led. Many thanks to our Road Captain, Cliff Anderson and Sweep, Jason Everett for giving us more stories to tell.

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