Timm’s Hill Fall Foliage Ride

September 20, 2014



Once again the weather looked shaky to start but turned out gorgeous. Eleven bikers took a chance and were rewarded with some spectacular color and plenty of sunshine.

  We left the dealership on time at 9:30 and headed out Hwy 48 toward Exeland.  The colors were spotty but the riding was nice as we headed north into Radisson, where we made our first stop. On Hwy 70 the colors really started to pop and the skies began clearing. When we turned south on County W, in Winter things really lit up.  The foliage was awesome, from the roadside to the horizon. It just doesn’t get any better than this. We enjoyed the ride on County W into Phillips then headed south for Ogema and Timm’s Hill.  We did have one joker who just HAD to get around the group but of course didn’t leave himself enough room to do it.  Fortunately everyone ELSE was paying attention and managed to avoid a catastrophe.

   We arrived at Timm’s Hill to find a packed parking lot but we all found a place to leave our bikes then made our way up to the lookout tower. Jeremy showed off by practically running up the steep path and the rest of us trudged along as best we could J  Everyone made the climb to the top, where we all took photos then made room for the other visitors. From Timm’s Hill we made our way to the truck stop in Phillips, where we enjoyed a nice meal and shared a BUNCH of laughter.

  It was decided to take a more direct route home so we saddled up and headed west on Hwy 8.  There were areas of color but we’d already seen the best there is so it was mostly just a nice relaxing ride home.  In Ladysmith, Paul left the group in Jason’s hands for the last leg and some rode back to Rice Lake through the Blue Hills and others took Hwy 8.

  In summary, it was a great way to spend a beautiful Fall day…okay, late summer day. Don’t let “potential” bad weather control your riding. Often those questionable mornings turn into beautiful afternoons.  Thanks to everyone who turned out and assisted along the way.


(More photos and video in the “Gallery” section of the website)