Long Branch-Minong Ride

July 30, 2016

  It was another beautiful day and we met up at Rice Lake Harley-Davidson to start the ride.  There were 21 of us, on 19 bikes and after some visiting and whatnot, our Ride Captain, Tim Nashton, gave us the pre-ride briefing. We departed on time and made our way out of town on Hwy 48 to Cty M. From there we rode along Long Lake on a great road that follows the western shore.

  Tim always leads a good ride and we had no trouble staying together, even with this large a group. We made a stop in Spooner for gas (and doughnuts) then continued on the backroads north of town. We followed the leader onto Lower Mackenzie Road and that was a beaut too. Along the way we had to slow down for a buck that refused to enter a cornfield so ran along the shoulder for quite a ways, to the edge of the field, then bolted away from the road.  Shortly after that we encountered one of Wisconsin’s famed indecisive squirrels that barely made it across the road.

  Crossing Hwy 53 at Minong was an adventure, due to construction and Saturday traffic. We all were patient and made it safely to the Longbranch. The restaurant was nice and the waitress told us it had been built in 188? and was originally a Mercantile. Tin ceilings and old timey décor made for nice ambience.  And the food was good too!!!  When you walk in with a group of 21 you can expect a little wait so considering that, all went well.

  After lunch a couple of the group headed home and the rest lined up behind Tim again and made a nice loop down to Trego.  We stopped at the gas station there and said our fare-thee-wells.  A small group that was heading in the same direction decided to stop by Kathy’s parent’s house in Spooner for a short howdy-do but when we got there, no one was home. We continued on from Spooner and broke off here and there, each in our own direction.

  Thank you to Tim Nashton, for leading the ride and Lee Newton for Sweeping.  It was a great day with friends…you shoulda’ been there!!


(more photos in the Gallery on our HOG website)