Hayward Lock and Dam

June 7, 2015


We met at the dealership, under mostly cloudy skies and there were 21 of us(including RyLee) taking a chance on the weather.  Even Willie and Barb showed up, the day after their 50th wedding anniversary party. Congrats, you two.  Dennis tried to give a detailed pre-ride briefing of our route but most of us were in “follow-the-one-in-front-of-you” mode because we didn’t know the roads like he does. We left on time and made our way out of town on Cty C then north on Cty M.  We picked up Karen, who was waiting for us at M and B and she slid into line without a hitch. We are 22 strong now and presenting quite a dramatic presence on the road. There were a couple of intersections where crossing traffic was very accommodating by letting us all pass together. Thank you to the understanding drivers out there.

  On our way to Hayward, one of our number had a fuel issue and had to limp into town with our Sweep providing moral support. Issues resolved, restrooms visited, snacks purchased and we were on our way again with the clouds breaking up nicely along the way. We even got a little sunshine from time to time. Nice!! We took Hwy 27 north, out of Hayward then Dennis led us to the lock and dam in the Eau Claire Lakes chain. It’s a pretty cool, self-service lock that Barry W. demonstrated the operation of. Come to find out, the Everett clan used to swim in the area and spent some time showering under the falls, back in the day.

  After the dam tour, and taking a bunch of dam pictures, we rode to The Lookout Bar for lunch. We had a nice time there and the view out back, over the lake, is pretty darn nice. Once everyone got fed…we gathered for our “Group Shot” then decided to abbreviate the route a bit and head down the highway (53) to Minong where we stopped for gas and said our fare-thee-wells. We parted ways in small groups, in differing directions for our trips home.

  Another awesome day with friends/family and we thank Dennis for organizing it and leading the way and Paul for bringing up the rear.


More pictures in the Photo Gallery section of the website.