Elmers Museum Ride

August 18, 2018

  They came from miles around, to gather in the gloom and fog oh, never mind. It was foggy on the morning of Jean-Os ride to Elmers Museum, in Fountain City but a few intrepid souls showed up anyway. Our Road Captain handed out 4 x 6 cards and adhesive dots for everyone to attach to their bikes for a Bug Bullseye game. There were 9 bikes and 10 riders in the group and after Jean-Os pre-ride briefing, we left on time, at 8:30. It was a tad chilly but the forecast called for clearing skies so we were all hopeful. Jean-O led us down SS to Bloomer and Cty. F out of Bloomer to Eau Claire. We made our first stop at Kwik Trip for gas, to unload and reload some coffee and maybe grab a bite. It was a nice leisurely pace so far but the sun was being a little stubborn. The route out of Eau Claire will have to be explained by the RC himself but it was a dandy! We stayed on back roads and kept the relaxed routine all the way down to Nelson, where we stopped at Beths Café for brunch. They were expecting us and had our table ready to go. The service was great and food, the same. We snagged a few pictures, shopped the gift store next door then headed back out. The sun was finally cooperating so some jackets were shed for the ride along the Mississippi River, down to Fountain City. A couple miles inland we found Elmers Museum and it. was. a. trip!!! Building after building of old cars, toys, pedal cars, more toys, more cars, etc. Unfortunately, they didn’t allow photos to be taken inside any of the buildings for some reason but there were a few nice pictures to be had outside, so we made do. Elmer himself was greeting everyone, as they rode up and his wife was in the house (along with another car), greeting people there. They were gracious enough to join us in our group HOG photo. After spending some time viewing all the stuff we headed out for a twisties ride in the hills of the area. Jean-O knows his way around and its a good thing because some of us didnt have a clue. Beautiful countryside down in them parts. We continued into Arcadia where we stopped for the Bug-Splat judging. It was a tough competition but PaulDeeds prevailed, with the tiniest dot of a bug, right on the bullseye. After the judging and some continued camaraderie, we headed north for the journey home, each with their own route in mind. It was a close call but we made it to Colfax in time to hit the restrooms there for the final stop. Some went east, some went west and some went to their kid’s place for dinner! A good time was had by all. Thank you Jean-O for putting together a great ride and Mike (Super-Sweep) for looking at our backsides all day. The group rode well together, no fistfights broke out and all the machines performed beautifully. Ahhhhhh glorious!


(more photos in the Gallery on our HOG website)