Paul Dedenbach 2010-2011

It was my pleasure and honor to serve as the H.O.G. Chapter Director for two years. It was always my belief that the Chapter belongs to its members and that the officers were tasked with making the Chapter function for the benefit of those members. I was fortunate to be the Director of an Officer Board that worked well together, accomplished some new things and hopefully served its membership to their liking.
Communication is always a challenge, in any organization, and to that end we tried to combine the Chapter Newsletter, Website and Monthly Meetings to keep the membership informed of the goings on of the club.
It was also our good fortune to be affiliated with a sponsoring dealer that allowed us a great deal of autonomy and provided us with support when we needed it. Thank You to Rice Lake Harley-Davidson for that.
It’s difficult to pass the reins, after two years of concentrated effort but I intend to continue to support the Chapter and the Dealership in the future, in any way I can.


Rita Carroll

Harry Dodge

I’ve been riding motorcycles since 1966 and I believe that riding is one of life’s greatest experiences. As a charter member of Blue Hills H.O.G., I served as Director for 7-years and participated in Harley Owners Group officer training in Milwaukee. I was instrumental in starting our bike and fashion show and in developing our monthly newsletter, “Pork Pieces.” I’ve traveled with our group to Daytona Beach, Florida, for Bike Week…and to the Black Hills for the Black Hills Motorcycle Rally. Being a member of Harley Owners Group is an experience hard to describe, but meeting all sorts of great people and having fun is one of the many benefits!

Richard Sandstrom

I've been a member of the local "HOG" chapter since it's inception in 1992. Over the years I've been elected to chapter positions of Road Captain, Assistant Director and also Director. During my membership in Blue Hills "HOG" I've made great friendships, been on rides all over the country and Canada, camped alongside the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and the Gulf of Mexico. I've seen and done things and have memories of things which are priceless. None of this would have been possible without the Harley and "HOG" experience. I am so ever grateful for the fellow members of Blue Hills Chapter of "HOG" who've laughed with me, cried with me, traveled with me, put up with my silliness, and have allowed me to join with them in their travels and adventures.  I would recommend the Harley and "HOG" experience  to anyone who cherishes the feeling of  freedom, adventure, camaraderie!   

Dan "Spike" Fitzgerald

It was a great privilege to serve the chapter as Director for 5 years. In that 5 years we have grown to the club we are today. The bike show in April has grown to over 100 bikes, our Breast Cancer ride in June has doubled the money we have contributed each year. This is just two of the great items we have done. I was very lucky to have the support of the club and my fellow officers to keep trying different things to keep the club strong. I suggest to the members not involved to get involved as it is a great club and it will only get better.