Million Mile Monday

June 25, 2012


Well, it was Million Mile Monday and by the end of the day most of us felt we’d ridden that far.

The morning was cool but the forecast was excellent for the entire day.  The bikes rolled in to Rice Lake Harley-Davidson and by departure time we had 23 bikes and 30 riders.  We split into two groups and left “nearly” on time.  Along the way we picked up two more bikes and riders for part of the trip.

  Our first stop was Hayward, by way of Long Lake, to off-load some coffee and stretch our legs.  From there it was northeast to Clam Lake for another short stop then up Cty GG to Mellen. Most of us gassed up in Mellen, grabbed some snacks then continued on to Hurley, where we stopped to don helmets for our trek into Michigan.  We stopped for lunch at McDonald’s in Ironwood, just because we thought it would be quicker.  We had pulled in just behind a group of youngsters on an outing so it wasn’t quite as fast as it might have been but not bad.

  After lunch we took a loop (somewhat extended due to a missed turn or two) up to Little Girl’s Point on Lake Superior where we skipped stones, waded and took a few pictures. From there it was back into Wisconsin on Hwy 2, headed west. Passing up Ashland altogether we made a stop to stretch in Iron River, where we had our raffle drawing.  Bill Stearns was the lucky winner of a Harley colored, stained glass, wine glass, ape hanger, Oriole bird feeder.

  We called to make sure the HD dealership in Duluth was still going to be open then headed in that direction. The northbound lane of the High Bridge was closed so we took the Long Bridge into Minnesota and eventually found our way to the dealership. After eating their cookies and drinking their coffee we made a last stop in Duluth for gas then divided up into two groups, one heading home on Hwy 53 and one on Hwy 35. We said our good-byes and parted ways.


  Because of the number of bikes involved we decided to split into two groups for the day. My thanks to Brian for heading up the second group and Mark for sweeping. We all thought the idea worked very well.  We still rode together but managing the two groups was much easier.

  The day turned into a much longer ride than anticipated and advertised.  Sorry !!   I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to figure what I think the time will be then add 30%.  On the other hand it was a beautiful day and we were riding so…..

  A thousand Thank You’s to all who participated, for your patience and perseverance. It was more than we all expected and you all hung in there like the badass Harley people you are. Thanks also to Kathy for sweeping the first group, Dennis for his Michigan directions, Cliff for getting us out of Minnesota and the rest for your positive attitudes.




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