Head For The Hills

June 29, 2013


If you don’t ride in the rain sometimes you miss out on a lot of good riding.  That seems to be a continuing theme this year.  The forecast said a 30% chance of rain today but anyone looking at the radar picture knew better. “It’s comin’ right at us”. 

We met at Rice Lake Harley-Davidson and there were 10 of us on 9 bikes. After our Road Captain, Rich Wolf, gave his pre-ride briefing it was a mixed bag of who was wearing what rain gear, for the first leg.  We left the dealership and headed south on Hwy 53, bound for our first stop, south of Eau Claire.  A few more folks from “down south” were waiting for us at the Super Mega Holiday gas station so we now had 13 people on 11 bikes. While there, a few more of us put our remaining rain gear on because it seemed obvious we were going to get into it.

Rich led us south on Hwy 93 for a ways then, as the title of the ride suggests, he “Headed For The Hills”.  He found ‘em too!!!!  We cut west on some back roads that did Wisconsin riding proud. Twistys and Turnys and Ups and Downs galore. You know you’re on a BACK ROAD when there’s grass growing in the cracks from shoulder to shoulder.  We were so far in backcountry, if we’d been a little farther south we’d have been listening for banjo music and watching out for revenuers.  No doubt Rich was looking for some straight roads but even after leaving his planned route, he was unsuccessful.  Absolutely wonderful riding.

Somehow or other we ended up at Buena Vista Park, overlooking Alma and the Mississippi River and it’s a spectacular view. A short walk, a few pictures and we were back on the road paralleling the Muddy Miss for a while.  In Fountain City we headed back in-land and arrived at our lunch destination, Hansen’s Holdup. We’d been in and out of the rain all day so the fire they had burning in the fireplace was a welcome attraction.  I’m pretty sure Jason wanted a run at the burn-out pit but it was clogged with H.O.G. members taking pictures. I thought I saw Jean-O eyeing some of the cowboy boots on the ceiling too but there was no ladder handy…thankfully.  A few more pictures, a nice lunch, some good visiting with friends and we were back on the road.

You might think that what we’d already enjoyed was enough for one ride but Nooooo, Rich had another stop in mind.  After even more winding and hilly back-roads we found ourselves at The Schultz Farm in Eleva, where they were still celebrating Dairy Month (June) and had ice cream cones for a buck.  They also had a gift shop and small “petting zoo” of sorts that a number of the members seemed to like.  Terri wanted to take one of the goats home but Don said there was no room in the tour pack.  I’m not sure they didn’t make off with a couple of chickens though.

After our visit with The Schultz’s we ran in to Eleva, gassed up and said our so-longs, since this would be the last stop.  On the way back everyone peeled off at the exit closest to home and our waves ended another awesome H.O.G. ride.

You know you’re with the right bunch of people when you can ride all day in the rain, hear no complaining and share nothing but laughter and fun.  Many thanks to Rich for planning and executing another great ride and to Jean-O for looking after everyone from behind.


(More photos can be seen in the Photo Gallery)