Head for the Hills

Hansen's Hold-Up

July 30, 2011


What to do on a beautiful Saturday in July? Go for a ride, of course.  What started out as a great day, only got better.  10 bikes took off from RLHD heading south for the hills.  After picking up a lonely straggler at the rest stop south of Chetek and 5 more bikes in Eau Claire, 16 bikes and 21 people headed south for Arcadia and Hansen’s Hold-Up.  We only lost a hat on the road down.  Thanks for the save on that one, Mark.  The day got hotter, it is the end of July, you know, but the ride was really pretty.  After a great lunch and a quick group picture we headed farther south.  After taking as many “S” curves as you could imagine, a couple of crazy sharp turns, and surviving Alligator Slide Road, we ended up in Buena Vista Park along the Mississippi River near Alma.  What a great view overlooking the river into Minnesota!  Highly recommended!  After just about everyone gassed up, and we finally found Cliff, we headed north again.  Of course, we had to stop for ice cream.  That stop was in Mondovi.  Yummy!  We then all headed for home.  We peeled off one by one towards our respective routes.  We will have great memories of a great day, great friends, and a great ride!!!