Delta Diner Dejeuner!

June 11, 2011


The skies were cloudy and the temps were more like April but we are Harley riders and HOG members after all so we would not be denied.

  When our departure time came around, eight brave souls had showed their mettle and assembled at Rice Lake Harley-Davidson.  By the looks of the crew, with all their leather and foul weather gear on, you’d never have guessed it was the middle of June.

  Kathy led the group on a terrific route, up through the Wisconsin woods, around lakes and over rivers to a pit-stop in Hayward. From there we rode Hwy 63 up through Cable and in Drummond we took the newly surfaced Delta-Drummond Road further into the wilds, where the Delta Diner is located.

  We were greeted by the manager when we arrived and were informed it would be a few minutes before our places were ready so we sat at the picnic tables outside and enjoyed a cup of coffee while we waited.  The skies had begun to clear during the last part of our ride and the temps were coming up nicely.  Blue sky, sunshine and the companionship of friends. What more could you ask.

  When we were seated inside the diner our waitress gave us her spiel on the menu and everyone was surprised to find they only offer hamburgers on Mondays!!!  There were plenty of other things to choose from and everyone seemed satisfied on the way out.

 The ride back was more what you’d expect from June so some of the extra gear was stowed for the return route. Some of our number were from points north of Rice Lake so they left the group early, rather than ride all the way back to the dealership.  The rest of us had a nice leisurely trek through our beautiful northwoods.  Arriving back at Rice Lake Harley-Davidson in the afternoon we deemed the impromptu ride to the Delta Diner a great success.   Thank you to Kathy Graber for putting it all together and thank you to those who attended, for sharing your day with the rest of us.